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Spinach salad with hemp seeds



Let’s find out how to prepare a quick salad of fresh spinach with hemp seeds. It’s a pleasant surprise for the palate … .fresh, crisp and very very tasty!

What we propose is a rich and nutritious dish, because the spinach in addition to being an important source of iron, they are also a good source of vitamin C, carotenoids and folic acid.

To avoid losing water their precious cargo of micronutrients is recommended eaten raw.

Wash the spinach in plenty of fresh water, leave them five minutes after washing in water, then rinse them and let them drip off pat with a clean cloth.

Put the spinach in a bowl and toss them with the olive oil, turn to well with salt and pepper.

After seasoned spinach, add the shelled hemp seeds and parmesan shavings.

A little advice to increase the bioavailability of iron is the use in the seasoning of a few drops of lemon juice, this is a recipe very easy to prepare nutritious and ideal to all with very few calories.

Ingredienti per 4 persone

300 g small and tender spinach
50 g parmesan flakes
to taste extra virgin olive oil
50 g hemp seeds shelled
to taste salt and pepper
1/2 lemon


Nessun alimento può essere paragonato alla canapa per il valore nutritivo. Mezzo chilo di semi di canapa fornisce tutte le proteine, gli acidi grassi essenziali e la fibra necessari alla vita umana per 2 settimane.